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Gift Ideas for Little Travelers (2021)

Here are our gift ideas for tiny travelers ages 3+. Whether your pint-sized adventure enthusiasts are jet-setting around the globe or hitting the road with their favorite grownups, check out our fun, educational, and practical picks for fabulous ways to keep young children comfortable, engaged, and happy while journeying near and far.
Here are our 2021 picks for travelers 3 years & up (not in any particular order). Scroll down for more on each recommendation:

[Please note that this post does contain affiliate links. This means, at zero cost to you, we may receive a small affiliate commission when you click through our links and make purchases. We try our best to be fair and only share products that we truly love and recommend.]

*Products mentioned on this page are meant for children under adult supervision.. (Manufacturer's age recommendations are noted when available)

Busy Book

Curious Columbus Quiet Book. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

E loves this award winning fabric quiet book! It keeps her happily quiet and busy where ever we go. It's been helpful to have before trips as well. Each page is filled with fabulous ways to prepare for all the travel fun coming our way. We packed bags, stamped passports, and buckled up passenger friends to name a few. It's also excellent for practicing those fine motor skills and encouraging playful learning and imaginative play.


Ride-On Suitcase/In-Flight Bed

JetKids by Stokke BedBox Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

One of the best travel investments we've made for our little one, especially for those trips that happen around nap time. It's a gorgeous ride-on suitcase that makes zipping through stations and terminals a breeze. It's also a seat extender that converts any seat into a comfy lounger for young children during travel. It counts as carry-on luggage and fits perfectly in overhead bins and under economy seats. We're able to pack the ton of fun (like books, toys, activities, snacks, a couple outfits) we may need until we get to our destination and can unpack. The best bit is seeing our tired toddler sleeping comfortably on the in-flight bed. A well rested child made it totally worth it for us!


Travel Friendly Backpack

JetKids by Stokke Crew BackPack. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

This backpack was made for travel! It's durable, expandable, light weight, water-resistant, has plenty of space and pockets for organizing, additional padding for comfort, includes a pull-out seat pad, zippered bottom (for quick access to both ends), and easy to tuck away when not in use. The travel inspired details (like removable captain strips, crew name tag, airline seat buckle, and super cute reflective designs, "free upgrade" printed on the extendable part of the bag is my favorite) make this the most adorable bag ever! We love using ours for long distance travel and it's just as handy for our daily commutes to preschool.


Activity Kits

Learn Through Playing Around the World Kit. Click photo to see price on website.

Our little one loves these sensory play based activity kits so we had to include this travel themed kit on our list. Everything you need for low-tech open ended fun is packed into one eco-friendly box that's sturdy enough for travel and reuse. It's perfect for on the go play or as an arrival gift for visiting children. Each kit was carefully designed by a teacher to optimize engagement and learning. There are a ton of other themes to choose from (like holidays, seasons, adventures, fantasy, and much more!) or give the gift of a "Funscription" where a new unique activity box is sent every month. It comes with a play guide on the many ways kiddos can play with the kits, but the possibility for screen-free, hands-on learning are endless!


Insulated Water Bottle

YETI Rambler Jr.. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

We use these insulated water bottles all day everyday but while traveling they are invaluable! Everyone in our house has one. They truly keep your beverages cold (I still get a kick out of finding ice cubes in the bottles after a full day of travel) and the rugged stainless steel design can handle all the bumps that come with long journeys.


Activity Cards

Usborne Activity Cards. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

This perfectly portable box of reusable wipe clean activity cards comes with 100 activities and a dry erase marker. They are full of age appropriate activities that can be re-used in endless ways so the fun never gets old.


World Fact Book

Everything & Everywhere by Marc Martin. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

This beautifully illustrated picture book about world travel is perfect for globetrotting children. It's a fact-filled adventure book that takes curious kiddos on a lush and unexpected journey around the globe. They learn about different cultures and fascinating facts about 15 spectacular places. It's a great introduction that encourages curiosity about the world and respect for others.


Travel Cutlery Set

BAMAROO Bamboo Utensils. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

If you've traveled and had to deal with loads of flimsy plastic cutlery or got stuck dining without the proper eating utensils, this one is for you! This re-useable wooden flatware set is so much better for the environment and comes in a heavy duty bamboo case, perfect for storing clean/dirty utensils and popping into your travel bag.


Kids Neck Pillow

BCOZZY Kids Travel Neck Pillow. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

This adorable travel neck pillow is fabulous for travel. We've been using it daily on our sleepy car rides from school. It's inevitable that she falls asleep in her car seat and the support it provides to her head and neck is amazing. We have the purple unicorn friend, but there are many other styles to choose from as well.


Compact Binoculars

occer Compact Binoculars. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

These real (not cheap toy) light weight, foldable, waterproof, shock-proof, compact binoculars are easy to use and perfect for your little explorers to take on their next adventure. According to the 15K+ reviews these were highly rated for fantastic quality at a reasonable price point. We are definitely adding them to our packing list for our next trip!


Travel Blocks

Tegu Pocket Pouch. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

We've had these on-the-go travel blocks with us for trips, errands, and restaurants to keep our little one busy since before she was one and she still enjoys them to this day. They are super easy to whip out for play then tuck away (in the included felt travel pouch) and toss in your travel bag.

When choosing what we add to our playroom, we prioritized products that will engage our little one's social, physical, and intellectual development. We also look for items that are open ended, gender neutral, celebrates diversity, and made from natural materials whenever possible. Our recommendations are based on what we've learned along the way, our first hand experience with these or similar products, and our comparison of ratings and reviews.
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