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We're Pat, Chris, and Ellie and we want to help you make the most of your play at home and next family trip away!  


Let's Play!

If you're looking for easy-peasy things to do with your little ones, we've got you covered! Our blog posts, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are packed with: 

  • Easy to follow DIYs

  • Arts & crafts projects

  • Play inspiration

  • Stem activities

  • Cooking ideas


...and other clever ways to entertain the kiddos!

Let's Go!

When we go away, we splurge on options we think will take our trips to the next level. There's quite a bit of research we do ahead of time to ensure we indulge within reason and get the most for our time and money!


So if you're like us and enjoy refining your family getaways with nice things and cool extras while maintaining a discerning eye for quality and value, stay tuned! We'll be documenting our family's adventures and showing you which upgrades are worth it (and maybe which ones are not).


We’re hoping the information we share makes it easier for you to decide if the enticing enhancements are really worth the added costs and if they're right for your family. 

Our Story

Let's Be Friends!

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