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Gift Ideas for Little Artists (2021)

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Here are our gift ideas for aspiring artists ages 3+. If your little one is a master in the making check out our picks for fabulous ways to introduce young children to creative expression and enhance their understanding of art and the world.

Here are our 2021 picks for art lovers 3 years & up (not in any particular order). Scroll down for more on each recommendation:

[Please note that this post does contain affiliate links. This means, at zero cost to you, we may receive a small affiliate commission when you click through our links and make purchases. We try our best to be fair and only share products that we truly love and recommend.]

*Products mentioned on this page are meant for children under adult supervision.. (Manufacturer's age recommendations are noted when available)


Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid's Art Easel. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

Do it all with this all-in-one art easel. This is the one we have in our playroom. We love that it's double-sided, has a place for everything, and is adjustable (from 37.5" to 43.5"). Includes: 3 paint pots, double sided easel with blackboard and magnetic whiteboard and paper roll.


Easel Accessories

Melissa & Doug Easel Accessory Set. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

This generous bundle of kids art supplies is the ideal companion for any easel or art cart. This kid friendly set also features easy-to-squeeze poster paints designed specifically for small hands, spill-proof paint cups that are dishwasher safe, and triangular chalk that resists rolling away.


Write & Wipe Playmats

The Pencil Grip Wonder Stix Playmat Kit. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

These fun placemats are easy-to-erase with a damp cloth and start over again and again and again. They include the amazing Wonder Stix which are also dust free, washable, have no odor and require no caps. This set is perfect for travelling, play dates, dinner time and restaurants.


Vinyl Stick-ons

The Original Classic Colorforms Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

Get creative with this re-stickable storytelling toy, beloved for more than 60 years. The reusable colored vinyl pieces stick to any glossy surface—and each other—over and over again, for countless creative combinations.


Rock Crayons

Crayon Rocks Just Rocks in a Box. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

Great for a classroom or a family this bulk set has 64 pieces! Made from Earth-friendly, renewable soybean wax tinted with natural mineral powders Crayon Rocks® are great for young children developing and strengthening the pincer grip needed to control a pencil. They were specifically designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles in young children and improve fine motor coordination.


Introduction to Fine Art

ABCs of Art. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

An early introduction to art history one letter at a time. Explore masterpieces with this rhyming book featuring iconic pieces for each letter of the alphabet.


Master Art Set

Kwik Stix Master Art Set. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

If you are a fan of Kwik Stix, the marvelous quick drying mess-free tempura paint sticks, you definitely need this Master Art set in your life. Its got 60 bright and vibrant colors including classic, metallic, neon, jewel, pastel and earth tones. No cups, smocks, water or brushes required


Finger Print Fun

Finger Print Activities by Fionna Watt. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

This inventive book is filled with ideas and activities that inspires children to turn their fingerprints into art. There's lots of room for practicing the cool techniques introduced in the book and kiddos can use their new skills and creativity to make their own projects.


Dot Markers

Do A Dot Art! Markers. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

Inspire big creativity and imagination with a little dot. These washable dot markers have bold pigments and bright colors that dry fast, but never dry out. They come in easy to grip bottles that are terrific for small hands and great for all ages. They are awesome for layering, blending, mixing colors, and covering a lot of space.


Magnetic Creations

Fat Brain Toys Magnetic Creation Station. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon

Design pictures and patterns anywhere with these sturdy, colorful wooden shapes and hinged storage case. This creation station helps develop fine motor skills, imagination, creativity and free form play.

When choosing what we add to our playroom, we prioritized products that will engage our little one's social, physical, and intellectual development. We also look for items that are open ended, gender neutral, celebrates diversity, and made from natural materials whenever possible. Our recommendations are based on what we've learned along the way, our first hand experience with these or similar products, and our comparison of ratings and reviews.
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